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SCHAUENBURG The name Schauenburg has a long tradition in industry and stands for continuous, controlled entrepreneurial growth, geared towards the need of the customer.

'The Schauenburg Group is an international group of manufacturing companies formed over 50 years ago. We are united by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and our expertise in niche products allows us to achieve technically, economically and environmentally-sound solutions for our customers.

Schauenburg has a long tradition in industry and stands for continuous, controlled entrepreneurial growth.

We provide our customers with world-class services such as consultancy, market-orientated development and extensive after-sales service.

Our manufacturing facilities design and produce many products including industrial machinery, engineering products, electronic equipment, medicine and plastic tubing. These are used in the mining, tunnelling, gas detection and civil engineering industries.

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Picture of Hans Georg Schauenburg

The name Schauenburg was already well known in shipping and ship outfitting in the late 1800's. Increasing industrialisation over the last 50 years has enabled it to become the cornerstone of an international group of companies, which have been growing ever since.

Our Group is also conscious of making our operations sustainable. Many of our products all over the world help to conserve energy, reduce operating costs, protect the environment and to make safer work environments.

As an investor, the Schauenburg Group focuses on companies that are already leaders in industrial niche products. We aim to bring out potential in companies operating in electronic technologies, plastic processing machinery and equipment, industrial technology and industrial hoses.

Quality, innovation and growth are the mainstays of the Schauenburg Group. Our international network of experience, competence and know-how aims to serve the needs of the customer.