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SCHAUENBURGLeaders in mine and tunnel auxiliary ventilation systems. We manufacture a complete range of integrated products designed for all types of ventilation projects.


With the introduction of NovoForm products, we are now supplying permanent frameworks.

This is used to form foundations where piles have been used.

The product ensures consistent coverage of the reinforcing bars and reduces both the amount of material that needs to be removed and the carbon footprint on a contract.

underground tunnel being excavated lit up

Ground Anchors

Ground anchors are used in underground mining for stabilising the local geology. Unlike metal anchors, ours are made of fibre-reinforced plastic, making them lighter and corrosion resistant. Ground anchors from Schauenburg are used in coal mining, structural engineering and underground mining.

One major benefit for the mining industry is that after use in coal mining, there is no need for these anchors to be removed; they can simply be ground up by the mining machinery along with the coal and processed, without affecting the quality of the final product.

Aluminium cylindrical ground anchors


The quick and easy solution to uniform coverage of the reinforcing bars within a concrete foundation. Available folded to shape and delivered to site, ready for easy installation.

NovoForm product viewed in situ
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